Author: Ivan Šimić



Let's remember the geological age of the earth and the constant circulation of water in nature with shorter or longer retention in glaciers, seas, lakes ...! How many times have individual water molecules, now in our body, evaporated and fallen again as precipitation? How many times and in which plants and animals have they resided in the rich geological past of the country? Where the water molecules that once lived in the dinosaurs are now located? Where are the water molecules that have passed through our body during our lives now and where were these that we just received today with food and water? Let us remember that manure, waste from barns, has been used for centuries to fertilize vegetable gardens, orchards and cereal fields! The above suggests that our bodies are built from many times recycled material!

Water properties: temperature ranges of aggregate states, chemical stability, thermal properties, irregularity of specific gravity change at 3.98 ˚C, etc., differ significantly from the properties of similar chemical compounds. Water (H2O) is most similar to hydrogen sulfide (H2S), a poisonous and explosive gas. Oxygen and sulfur belong to the same group of elements in the periodic table and the molecules of both compounds contain two hydrogen atoms each. The consequences of large amounts of water on earth and the unusual properties of water in relation to similar compounds, suggest that water is intended for climate regulation and the realization of life!

Throughout the geological history of the earth, it is common to all forms of life to be built from the matter of a planet that is constantly recycled. Homo sapiens is just one in a series of a large number of species of living beings, built from the same recycled material. After several millennia of written history, man has reached the level of knowledge required for cloning! How much knowledge is needed to realize a new, at least the simplest form of life capable of reproduction? How much knowledge is built into a man (in a few tens of liters of water and a few kilograms of various minerals), capable of learning, thinking, feeling, building ...?

The richness of flora and fauna, the multitude of interdependent different life forms, and the powerful processes of evolution to intelligent species, suggest that they are not accidental! The laws of thermodynamics on the entropy of spontaneous natural processes support this suggestion!


Faith and science cannot contradict because the Creator is the founder of faith and science. Together they are two complementary parts of one whole and mutually supportive! The biblical text read in the light of the knowledge of the nature of time ("Physics of Matter"), emphasizes the importance of God's omniscience, omnipresence and impartiality! The inequality of people, wars and revolutions with seas of blood and oceans of tears witnessed by history, is not the will of the Creator but the consequence of man’s abuse of the gifted authority to rule on earth with free will.

Keywords: omniscient, omnipresent, impartial, original sin, evil in the World